About Me

Thank you for visiting Bitcoin Business. My name is Arthur. I am a financial management student in one of the colleges in New York. My personal and academic interests include business, economics, mathematics, and online games.

I am quite new to bitcoins. What attracted me to this digital currency is the combination of mathematics and economics in acquiring bitcoins.

The basic means of owning bitcoins is through mining. This means you have to solve certain math problems and receive bitcoins in exchange. Another option for acquiring bitcoins is through the bitcoin market, similar to the stock exchange.

If you are planning to invest in bitcoins, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself a bitcoin wallet, a place to store your new bitcoins. You can think of this as your bank account.

When I initially started looking into bitcoins as an investment, my problem was that most information available online are for advanced users. I don’t want others to have the same difficulty as I had. This site will be like a beginner’s guide to bitcoin trading.

Shoot me a message. Let’s talk about bitcoins.


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